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You’ll say ‘YES’ to Riches only after you say ‘NO’ to Poverty.

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

Did you know that, if becoming richer were  contrary to whatever role you’d previously chosen to play in life, you couldn’t accept more prosperity, even if it were offered up to you on a silver platter.

Isn’t it interesting that we set our own limits in life and then bemoan the fact that life treats us unfairly?


The power to heal yourself

Thursday, September 18th, 2008
Les wrote:
Dear Darel,
I have purchased a copy of an e-book “To God or As God” already and I am happy with it. May I ask you a personal question here? I am 56 year old male in good health. Recently I have discovere so called eye floaters in my eyes and that has caused me some considerable distress in my personal life. I have seen a number of eye doctors and all said that my eyes are fine-not much consolation there. What if I choose to have crystal clear eyesight vision in my life now as suggested in the book. But how can I follow it through with some action-doing in the process? What can I do here when I see the floaters? Does it take to look past them and assume that I have already chosen out of it through my deep desire to be free of them?
I’d apreciate your response it would really help me
With regards,

My response

Les, I know people who have cured themselves of cancer, so I have no doubt you can have crystal clear eyesight if you can choose that end for yourself with total conviction. But there’s an interesting quirk to the process of manifesting change that most people don’t understand.


Let me explain by referring to some laws or principles that tend to block a desired change.

  1. What we resist persists
  2. Before you can win at life, you must first make it okay to lose.
  3. Before you can get to where you want to be, you must make it okay to be where you are now


What I’m saying is that your resistance to the floaters may be what’s creating them in the first place – maybe – maybe not, but that’s a possibility.

  1. Your resistance to the floaters would cause them to persist
  2. Before the floaters can go away, you must first make it okay that they don’t
  3. Before the floaters can disappear, you must make it okay that they are there

In other words, Les, for as long as you see yourself as the victim of poor vision, you won’t have the power to clear your vision. You must be at peace with what is, before you can change it. If you could accept that you created the floaters, you would have found the creative power to make them disappear.


You are an individualization of God. As such, you must manifest results at the level of your belief in what’s possible. As Christ said to the man who picked up his bed and walked, “Thy faith has made thee whole”. Do you have the faith to heal yourself?


The power of God in you is the power to BE. The only prayer that always works is “I am”. – in this case, you might want to say “I create my own reality by choosing who to be. I now choose to BE the one with crystal clear eyesight”


Yours in BEING the solution


About the free conference call

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

Yes, Nick, this Sept 23 call will be a telephone conference call as well as a PowerPoint presentation on the web. You’ll hear it on the phone and see it on your computer screen. During the presentation, you’ll be able to ask questions via email and after the presentation (1/2 hour +or-) you’ll be able to ask questions on the phone. Send us an email at requesting the access code for the free call. About the coaching — Coaching is included when you sign up for the workshop. Other than the workshop coaching is $250 per ½ hr. call. Your first coaching call is free.

Success Blocks

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

Nick, we all have the same problem with our success blocks and that blockage is natural. That’s because we all have an ego, who’s job in life is to maintain the current reality (the status quo) by blocking any attempted change in that reality.


Your ego has a great many tricks for keeping you in the box or getting back into that box once you’ve chosen out. You might find some answers for your problem in my book, To God or AS GOD, where you’ll find eight chapters devoted to explaining ego’s success blocking tricks. In fact that book is divided into four parts – Part I.-The Power to BE and How it Works. – Part II.-Your Ego’s Traps  – Part III-Tools for Staying Out of Ego Traps – Part IV.-Life With Spirit in Charge. To check it out, you might go to where you can download the first four chapters free.


You are right in thinking you need support through the process of breaking through that blockage. On average, only 2% of us set goals and only 15% of those goal setters will make it past the resistance to manifest the desired result. In our BEING workshops, the participant success rate is 98%.


On Tuesday September 23 we’ll be conducting a free call in which you’ll learn three simple steps for doubling your income easily and effortlessly. On that call we’ll also be announcing the time and date for next BEING workshop. If you have any questions about this call post them to the blog or send us and email at


The time of day for that free call is 8 AM Mountain time, which I believe is 4 PM Belgium time. And yes, Nick, we do telephone coaching and we’ve had participants for our workshops call from all over the world, including England, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Tokyo, Holland, Turkey and others, so why not Belgium?

You are that powerful!

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

You are that powerful!


Realize it or not, you have the power, right now, to manifest whatever you want from life; you are that powerful, but your manifesting powers are limited by your belief in what’s possible for you. In other words, nothing stands between you and the good life you really want, except your belief that it’s not possible. Before you can step out of your current reality concept box and double your sales in this down market, you must first believe that outcome is possible for you.


So, hang on to your hat. Maybe we can change your mind about what’s possible for you.


Let me give you an example of what can happen when you change your mind about what’s possible. In 1952 I was the not-so-proud owner of a business teetering dangerously on the brink of failure. Feeing sorry for myself, I was definitely running on the sad-sack track of self pity and on my way toward total failure. In fact, I knew that if I had another bad month I would be closing the doors on that business forever.


Then I learned a success secret that changed the pattern of my thinking, renewed my faith in myself and turned that failing business into a roaring success almost overnight. 56 years ago, it dawned on me that we become what we think about, and that we automatically attract who and whatever belongs with that way of thinking. That simple truth turned failure into success and transformed the quality of the rest of my life.


That life principle will do the same for you if you are truly ready to learn a simple but profound truth that will solve your money problems and maybe improve the quality of your health and your relationships.


Believe me! This truth about how life works is truly the secret to manifesting whatever you want from life. To tap into that power in you, allow yourself to see that:

1.      We become what we think about

2.      And that we just naturally attract who and what belongs in the reality of that way of thinking and BEING you.

Believe in those two principles and you will have found the power to almost magically create a new reality in which your money problems are solved.


Allow yourself to see that you have two God-like powers:

  1. The power to BE
  2. and the power to ATTRACT.

With those awesome powers, you get to choose who you will be and what you will attract. What greater gift could you wish for than the power to answer your own prayers?


“As thou hast believed, so shall it be done unto thee”

Surviving is not living

Friday, August 29th, 2008

Surviving is not living


You’ve spent the first few years of your life learning how to survive, becoming a survival animal. But at some point in growing your consciousness, you were supposed to reject survival as your way of life and begin the process of learning how to live outside the box, beyond the fear. A major part of the process of learning how to really live must be spent in replacing your survival mindset with that of the daring adventurer.


You live in a box; we all do. Survival is the process for keeping us safe inside the box. But just surviving is not really living, is it? Real living is life outside the box with one daring adventure after another. The question is: “How do you find your way past the fear and outside of that box?”


Almost everyone you know wants to be richer, healthier, and/or happier in some way. We all want life to get better, don’t we? But only a very few of us will realize our dreams of, “some day I’ll…”. That’s because we humans are too busy being survival animals – we’re busy trying not to fail. As survivors, we are actually programmed to maintain the status quo by resisting change. But survival is not really living – is it?


The only way past your own built-in, survival based, success-blocking mental programming is for you know what you want from life and then to bravely choose to BE the one to whom that quality of life belongs. Choosing out of the box takes you out of the survival mode past the fear. Acknowledge your fear as the mental survival software clicking in, then, bravely choose past the fear. Remember, brave isn’t brave if you’re not afraid.


Remember, Helen Keller, once said, “Life is either a daring adventure or it’s nothing!”

Why success sometimes eludes us

Sunday, August 10th, 2008

Almost everyone you know wants to be richer, healthier, and/or happier in some way. We all want life to get better, don’t we? But only a very few of us will realize that dream. That’s because we humans are actually programmed to maintain the status quo by resisting change. So, the only way past your own built-in, automatic, success-blocker program is for you to rewrite the mind set that now runs your life.


Think about it! That’s why they call it mind set. How many times in your life have you tried to quit smoking or lose weight? If you’ve ever tried and failed to keep a New Year’s resolution, you failed, because your change-resistant mind set sabotaged your own good intentions.


And if you’ve been trying unsuccessfully to solve your money problems in this market don’t blame market conditions. You’ve failed to find your money problem’s solution for the same reason you couldn’t stop smoking or lose weight. You were not quite ready to commit to BEING the one who had your money problems solved.


If you’ve been in a survival mode for some time, trying to avoid disaster in this down market, you may not be aware that a certain spiritual law is blocking your success. That says: you can’t succeed at anything while trying not to fail. That’s because survival motivation and hope are not strategies for winning. To win at the Game of Life requires a whole different attitude. Are you really ready to commit to BEING someone who has the attitude of winner?


I’m here today to offer you a workshop in which you’ll learn how to BE the solution for all your problems – health, wealth and relationships. In this “BEING The Solution” Workshop you’ll re-adjust your mind set, change your attitude and rewrite the program, that runs your life.


That hidden programming, in many ways is keeping you poorer than you’ve wanted to be. If you are serious about wanting a way out of that lack consciousness reality concept box where your money problem persists, come join us in the Double Your Sales BEING Workshop. This workshop was created for those who are truly ready for a change — fully determined and ready to rewrite the program that runs their life.


In this “BEING the Solution” Workshop you’d learn a success formula you can take to the bank. I can say that, because the success rate for our BEING Workshop participants, for the last 7 years, is over 98%. In fact, if you’re truly ready for a serious change of circumstances, we will actually guarantee that the quality of your life will improve or your money back. Here are some of the ways you might improve the quality of your life as a participant in that workshop:

v     You’d transform and improve all aspects of your life – health, wealth, and relationships.

v     You could double your income

v     Conquer your fear of success or failure

v     Succeed where others fail

v     Learn how to attract what you really want into your life

v     Acquire a prosperity consciousness

v     Attract money like a magnet and never have cash flow problems again


These are not wild promises. You’ve always been a powerful magnet for attracting who and whatever belonged in the reality of your way of BEING you. The problem up until now is that, you haven’t known you had the power to create your own reality, and no one has given you the real secret to attracting what want instead of what you don’t want. You don’t want a negative cash flow, but if that’s what you have now, allow yourself to see that problem is there because it belongs in the reality of your current mind set.


In the Double Your Sales BEING Workshop, you’ll prove to yourself with manifested results that you already are a powerful manifestor – that you can have whatever you want from life if you know what you want, have the self confidence to choose it and the self worth to accept it when it shows up.


So, what would YOU change – in what ways would you improve the quality of your life if you knew you could easily and effortlessly have whatever you wanted from life?




How we create our own reality

Friday, August 8th, 2008

It is a fact of life that we become what we think about, and then, automatically attract who and whatever belongs with that way of thinking. If you can accept that premise: that we automatically attract the people and circumstances that belong in the reality of our BEING choices, then you will have found the profound secret to, easily and effortlessly, manifesting exponential increases in your income


The process for doubling your income would be to simply begin to think and feel as you would if your income were already doubled. The process for doubling your income really is that simple.  But if it were also easy we’d all be richer, healthier and happier in our relationships.


If the idea of easily and effortlessly doubling your income has you wanting to learn more, begin by allowing yourself to see that we each create our own reality by choosing:

  1. What we think about –our focus
  2. What we believe possible – our belief
  3. And how you we feel about what’s happening –our attitude


That’s it – you can change who you are BEING by changing your focus, your belief in what’s possible and your attitude about all that. With your new BEING commitment, you’ve created a whole new reality and will therefore, attract a whole new set of circumstances. Of course, making a BEING change is much easier said than done. What complicates the process for making BEING changes is that you and I are pre-programmed to resist change.


One of the many ways we resist change is with our reality concept filter. Everything we read and hear everyday is filtered through our current self-concept and our belief system. Our reality concept filter works like this: Any input that doesn’t correspond exactly to what we already believe – that doesn’t fit in with our current mind set, will be rejected, blanked out, or twisted and turned until it does fit.


You only hear what you want to hear and no matter how many times you hear a truth like: we become what we think about, you won’t get it until you’re desperate for a change and ready for to. The truth is that you and are powerful beyond belief, but unless you’re truly ready to accept that truth with and open mind, you won’t “get it”. You accept that you are powerful, because your “I’m powerless to change anything” filter will reject that truth.


Basically, we hear only what we want to hear and filter out all the rest. With that filter in place, you won’t believe me when I tell you that you can easily and effortlessly double your income by simply changing your focus, your belief in what’s possible for you and your attitude. That idea will be rejected as nonsense by your reality concept filter.


Believe it or not, you DO have the power, right now, to change your mind about who you will BE and create any reality you can dream up. But you’ll manifest results only at the level of your belief in what’s possible for you. In our next BEING workshop, we’d be happy to show you how to raise the bar on your belief in what’s possible for you. We’ll also show you how to get new ideas past your current reality concept filter.


Welcome to my blog!

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

Whether you are discovering me for the first time or we are old friends. welcome to my newly created blog.

You can find a link to this page at If you haven’t been there in a while you might want to visit us and check out what’s new.