Why success sometimes eludes us

Almost everyone you know wants to be richer, healthier, and/or happier in some way. We all want life to get better, don’t we? But only a very few of us will realize that dream. That’s because we humans are actually programmed to maintain the status quo by resisting change. So, the only way past your own built-in, automatic, success-blocker program is for you to rewrite the mind set that now runs your life.


Think about it! That’s why they call it mind set. How many times in your life have you tried to quit smoking or lose weight? If you’ve ever tried and failed to keep a New Year’s resolution, you failed, because your change-resistant mind set sabotaged your own good intentions.


And if you’ve been trying unsuccessfully to solve your money problems in this market don’t blame market conditions. You’ve failed to find your money problem’s solution for the same reason you couldn’t stop smoking or lose weight. You were not quite ready to commit to BEING the one who had your money problems solved.


If you’ve been in a survival mode for some time, trying to avoid disaster in this down market, you may not be aware that a certain spiritual law is blocking your success. That says: you can’t succeed at anything while trying not to fail. That’s because survival motivation and hope are not strategies for winning. To win at the Game of Life requires a whole different attitude. Are you really ready to commit to BEING someone who has the attitude of winner?


I’m here today to offer you a workshop in which you’ll learn how to BE the solution for all your problems – health, wealth and relationships. In this “BEING The Solution” Workshop you’ll re-adjust your mind set, change your attitude and rewrite the program, that runs your life.


That hidden programming, in many ways is keeping you poorer than you’ve wanted to be. If you are serious about wanting a way out of that lack consciousness reality concept box where your money problem persists, come join us in the Double Your Sales BEING Workshop. This workshop was created for those who are truly ready for a change — fully determined and ready to rewrite the program that runs their life.


In this “BEING the Solution” Workshop you’d learn a success formula you can take to the bank. I can say that, because the success rate for our BEING Workshop participants, for the last 7 years, is over 98%. In fact, if you’re truly ready for a serious change of circumstances, we will actually guarantee that the quality of your life will improve or your money back. Here are some of the ways you might improve the quality of your life as a participant in that workshop:

v     You’d transform and improve all aspects of your life – health, wealth, and relationships.

v     You could double your income

v     Conquer your fear of success or failure

v     Succeed where others fail

v     Learn how to attract what you really want into your life

v     Acquire a prosperity consciousness

v     Attract money like a magnet and never have cash flow problems again


These are not wild promises. You’ve always been a powerful magnet for attracting who and whatever belonged in the reality of your way of BEING you. The problem up until now is that, you haven’t known you had the power to create your own reality, and no one has given you the real secret to attracting what want instead of what you don’t want. You don’t want a negative cash flow, but if that’s what you have now, allow yourself to see that problem is there because it belongs in the reality of your current mind set.


In the Double Your Sales BEING Workshop, you’ll prove to yourself with manifested results that you already are a powerful manifestor – that you can have whatever you want from life if you know what you want, have the self confidence to choose it and the self worth to accept it when it shows up.


So, what would YOU change – in what ways would you improve the quality of your life if you knew you could easily and effortlessly have whatever you wanted from life?




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  1. Nick Verhulst Says:

    Hi Darel,

    I am a bit blocked for the moment. I started my bamboo clothes business some 1,5 years ago, meantime listened to all the CD’s of “Think and grow rich”, the CD’s of Jerry and Esther Hicks, read your book, the book of Joel O’Steen, Eric Pearl,… and have spent a lot of time applying the principles. I have already come quite a way, but there seems to be a key missing to open up the door to a new reality of flow, abundance, joy, health,…which I can visualize and feel so well. I do not feel any resistance against being in that flow, on the contrary, I am strongly longing for it. I feel I really need the personal support from someone who has gone the way, who’s been there where I am now and broke through that blockage, that mindset that keeps me stagnating once again. Starting up new things is no problem untill that moment of success or failure is confronting me. I am located in Belgium, so do not know what the possibilities of following the right workshop for me over here in Europe are. Can you please give me the push, insight, advise…that will break the resistance I cannot see, feel..? Thanks Nick Verhulst PS do you do telephone consults ?

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