What if the only thing standing between you and the life you’ve always wanted was some long forgotten conclusion you arrived at when you were just a kid? Wouldn’t you want to replace that hidden programming with something that would manifest much better results? Would you install new more-efficient software in your old computer if it promised to double your output? Sure you would!

For instance, if you decided as a child, that rich people were the bad guys, you would never allow yourself to be one of them would you? That erroneous idea is like a hidden virus program ready to sabotage your every attempt at becoming financially independent.

What if a hidden agenda similar to this is keeping you broke, blind to the truth and unhappy about your circumstances? If you are not rich in every way, health, wealth and relationships, I can assure you, this hidden programming is running your life!

And what if a simple change in the programming of your computer-like brain would allow you to be richer, happier, healthier and wiser? Would you be willing to replace this hidden programming? Would it be worth $34.95 to install this new programming (updated software) to help you replace the old programming that has been keeping you poorer than you want to be, in all areas of your life?

What if your previous attempts to have more income, better health and/or better relationships were sabotaged by some hidden agenda from your past that is keeping you poor. Wouldn’t it be worth many times more than $34.95 to replace that hidden agenda? And what if replacing that negative mind set with a positive frame of mind could make you healthy, wealthy and wise, would you consider changing your mind to that new way of thinking? Yes! Of course you would!

Well, I want you to know that by simply changing your mind, you can be transformed “by the renewing of your mind.” Transformation, quite simply, is the process of changing your frame of reference, from “I can’t” to “Yes, I can!” If the “Yes, I can” attitude adjustment sounds like something you’d like to create in your life, consider the 8 day Mini Being Workshop E-course. But, don’t wait! Sign up today, even though that old programming might be telling you not to! Positive transformation, that’s the objective of this 8-day independent study workshop; we’ll give you the tools and lead you through the process of changing your mind about who you are in a way that allows you to have what you’ve always wanted from life. Pure and simple, with this and my other BEING Workshops and books, we’re in the transformation business and we’re very good at what we do. How good? Listen to this!

For the last 40 16-week Being Workshops, we’ve had an unbelievable 98% transformation success rate. But I wouldn’t want you to take our word on that. If you’ll check out the testimony below, you will see that the Mini-Workshop experience was indeed, a valuable, life-changing event for all who participated.

Participant comments:   *”The workshop was a gift I will cherish all my life.” *”…helped me strengthen what I already knew” *”…had an enormous impact on my business and personal life” *”I am empowered with total conviction.” *”…my business is going ahead in leaps and bounds.” *”… have since been able to make some difficult decisions.” *”…looking forward to a much happier and brighter future all around.” *” …thank your for reminding me who I am.” *”…looking at my situation from a whole new perspective.” *”…got me thinking differently.” *”…it’s being a life-changing experience for me!” *”…I want to tell all my family and friends about it.”

If you’re ready to develop a “Yes, I can” attitude, sign up for this awesome, life changing 8-day Mini Being Workshop E-Course. The change you want in your life can’t happen without a transformation. Click on the image below to sign up.

For only $34.95 you will have the opportunity to take the initial step to transforming your life into what you have always wanted your life to be. This Mini Being Workshop will provide you with the stimulus required to make an educated decision whether now is the right time for you to begin your journey towards becoming “unstoppable” or perhaps these ideas will need time to incubate within you until you are ready to unearth your true potential. I like to think of the $34.95 price for the workshop as an investment in yourself because we introduce you to the tools that can help you decide if you are ready for life outside of your current “box”. I know you are worth it and when you are ready to believe that, this workshop will be the launching point for your greatness If you are still undecided about making the investment in yourself and your happiness, let me talk for a moment about our BONUS offer.When you sign up to participate in this independent study, 8-day Mini Being Workshop for $34.95, I will send you FREE, my e-book “The Money Solutions Workbook” – a $9.00 value and a free download of the first 4 chapters of “Being The Solution”. If you have money problems, this E-Book will show you how to solve them. It was written to give you solutions to your money problems. I sell this e-book on my website for $9.00 but it is my gift to you when you sign up.

So, here’s the bonus offer:

Mini Workshop Price – $34.95 ……………………….. Value $ 90.00

Bonus E-Book………………………………………………..Value $ 9.00

Total value including bonuses………………………….. $ 99.00

YOUR COST…………………………………………………. ONLY $ 34.95

To sign up for the 8-day Mini Being Workshop, click on the image below.


E-course Curriculum

The Four Questions that could change your life

How thinking outside the box can transform the quality of your life

Before you can choose, you must have these elements in place

Why we resist Change and what to do about it

How to acquire the habit that puts you in charge of your life

How to attract Who and What you want into your life

Deciding what you will do with your newly-found power

How to form a Power Pact support group

The Power Pause, a 3 step process

AND a free download of the first four chapters of my book, “BEING THE SOLUTION”.

Learn more about all of the above, receive your copy of the The Money Solutions Workbook Bonus e-book when you sign up for the Mini Being workshop for only $34.95

As I said before, this 8 day workshop is an in-depth introduction to concepts and ideas that will change your life. Many people who have completed the 8 day Mini Being Workshop can’t wait to move on to the more advanced 16 week Personal Development Course. During the 16 week course you will experience a group environment that fosters growth and understanding among participants that is unmatched in any workshop available.

However, I am getting ahead of myself. We have updated the Mini Being Workshop to be an even more powerful experience than ever before. We show you all the tools necessary for transforming your life. These include the Power Pact and the Power Pause tools.

So, what is included in this 8 day Workshop? The curriculum is based on my book “BEING The Solution” and assignments are sent to you via e-mail. Each day you will receive assignments that build on the previous day’s work. The syllabus has a range of reading assignments, exercises and lessons.

“So, Why Aren’t You Rich?” by Darel Rutherford, “Being The Solution” by Darel Rutherford, “The Success Blockers” E-book By Darel Rutherford, “TO God or AS God” by Darel Rutherford