Being Power

Conceptual sign of sucess in business and lifeThe profound nature of your BEING is that God experiences life in and through you, as you. That makes you powerful beyond your current ability to believe. And what have you done with all that power? By choosing to believe in your victim stories, you’ve used your awesome God-like power to render yourself powerless.

 To use your God power (BEING power) more constructively, you’ll want to learn how to take charge of your thinking. It’s as simple as that – as simple as changing your mind. But a reality concept change is never as easy as it sounds because your ego is programmed to resist change.

 God put a part of Himself in you, and then He gave you your ego as the means by which you could experience your current point of view as a material reality.  God dwells in you as Spirit, giving you the power to make BEING choices. Your ego, then, assumes the role created by your new BEING commitment. It maintains that reality by rejecting all ideas to the contrary. The point being that any time you attempt to change your point of view about life, you can expect resistance from your change-resistant ego.

 If you are not as healthy, happy or as rich as you want to be, it’s because your ego has you trapped in a reality concept that’s no longer serving you. Your ego keeps you boxed in with the illusion that there’s no way out. To set you up with that delusion, your ego gave you amnesia. Now, you, trapped in your old box, have forgotten you have the power and the ability to create a new out-of-the-box reality any time you’re ready. And even though your ego has you trapped in that box, its greatest fear is that you’ll remember just how powerful you really are.

 You’re trapped, but the truth is: you have the power to choose again. And the spirit of God in you wants you out of your box, improving your life, growing you consciousness. Your ego, on the other hand, has an entirely different agenda. It wants you safe and secure, in your box, and out of harm’s way. If ego has its way, you’ll stay in your box, playing it safe. If Spirit wins that battle, you’ll live your life as a daring adventure outside your box.

As Helen Keller once said, “Life is either a daring adventure or it’s nothing!” So, which will it be for you?

There are times in life when you arrive at a choice point. This is one of those moments. Which will you choose, the nothing life or the daring adventure? You have the power, right now, to create and automatically manifestany reality you can dream up. You can do that by joining us in the next 16 Week Personal Development Course. Join us and change your mind about who you will be. It’s time to choose! Which will you choose, the nothing life or the daring adventure? What is standing in your way?