Being The Solution Book Description



The Power to Create Your Own Reality And Prosper

Our problems in life persist because, being human, we tend to focus all our attention on the problem rather than the solution. Paying too much attention to the problem makes YOU the problem. And then the only way out is for YOU to BE THE SOLUTION. Wouldn’t you agree?

That’s why you may want to read the only book on the market that shows you how a simple change of focus will have you BEING THE SOLUTION for your own problem.

This book will have you changing your focus in a way that solves your problem. You’ll see what I mean when you click on the chapter reviews below:

Poverty is a state of mind, not the state of your finances, this book will show you how to change your mind and BE rich. Chapter 1: Poverty Is A State Of Mind

Your transformation from poverty to riches is a nine step process; “BEING THE SOLUTION” takes you by the hand and leads you through all nine steps. Chapter 2: Nine Steps To Personal Freedom

Within each of us lives a sleeping giant that answers all prayers. This book will awaken that power within you. Chapter 3: In The Image And Likeness Of God

As we travel through life, we grow in consciousness. Learning how to play the Game of Life will speed up your growing. Chapter 4: The Game Board

Your self-image is the blueprint that runs your life. This book will show you how to change the blueprint and your life. Chapter 5: Your Self Image

Not clear about what you really want from life? You’ll know what you want when you learn how to think outside the box. Chapter 6: How To Know What You Want

The prime ingredient for the success you want is a burning desire. The “BEING” book will show how to create your burning desire. Chapter 7: Creating A Burning Desire

About 96% of those who want to be rich will never take the most important step in the process. This book will have you taking that missing step. Chapter 8: Choosing To BE Rich

Being transformed is the only means by which you’ll finally have what you want. In this book, you’ll find the tools you’ll need to be transformed. “BEING” is your transformation workbook. Chapter 9: Being Transformed

Until you truly understand why your ego resists change, you won’t be the one in charge of your life. This chapter in the book puts you back in charge. Chapter 10: Understanding Ego Resistance

Most of us will retire with insufficient retirement income, because we didn’t make it past our resistance to change. With this book you’ll find your way past that resistance. Chapter 11: Your Way Past The Resistance

Your personal power is multiplied many times over when you become part of a Powerpact. Read Chapter 12 of this book to learn how to put together your own powerful support group. Chapter 12: Creating Your Support Team

Your self image has set a limit on what you may or may not have from life. From “BEING” you’ll learn how to redefine your self concept and change your self image. Chapter 14: Solving Self Image Problems

If you have a relationship problem, it would be natural to assume that a change in the other person’s attitude would solve the problem. Instead you’ll find that any attitude adjustment must come from you. Chapter 15: Solving Relationship Problems

Equipped with a powerful immune system, our body is capable of healing, given adequate support. You may be surprised to learn that the real support needed is a healthy attitude. Chapter 16: Improving Your Health

The one thing all wealthy people have that the rest don’t have is a prosperity consciousness. Read this book and learn how to acquire a prosperity consciousness. Chapter 17: How To Attract Money

Your every relationship is an unwritten agreement about who you will be for him or her and he or she for you. You’ll find the solution for your relationship problem when you ask yourself, what’s the unwritten agreement, here? Chapter 18: The Unwritten Agreement In Your Relationship

You’ll understand the Game of Life much better when you have an overview that allows you to see it as a repeating pattern of Create Persist Destroy. You’ll be in charge of your life once you learn that this cycle is actually the road map for the rest of your life. Chapter 19: A Road map For The Rest Of Your Life

You may be surprised to learn that it’s your relationship to money that’s keeping you poor. You’ll find a chapter in this book that will show you how to change that relationship and be rich. Chapter 20: Your Relationship To Money