You Can’t Win While Trying Not To Lose Conversation #3

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Winning at the Game of Life requires the will to win – the Winner’s Attitude. That’s why it would be impossible for you to win while trying not to fail.Success is a BEING choice manifesting.

With that in mind, what do you hope to win from the Game of Life? Better health, more wealth, happier relationships? Do you even know? Most people don’t.

Join me Thursday. April 17th for another conversation with Darel and we’ll talk about how to acquire the will to win what you want most from life.

So let’s begin with the fact that you already have everything that belongs in the reality of your current BEING choice. What you want that you don’t already have can be found only outside your current reality concept. And the way to manifest that quality of life improvement is with a new BEING commitment, creating a whole new reality concept.

The only thing stopping you from making that new BEING commitment is your fear of life outside your box. But real quality of life changes can’t happen while you are hiding out in your box, playing it safe. You can’t really win what you want from life while trying not to fail. To have your life be a roaring success you’ll want a gung ho winner’s attitude.

If you need it, you can’t have it, but when you are no longer in need, you can have all you want

The truth is, that no one wins at the Game of Life while trying not to fail. The only way to win is to go for the gold. You will BE a certain success in life when you have the will to win, and that’s a can-do, get out of my way, winner’s attitude.