fast-thinking590Our lives are not as simple as they may seem. We go through many challenges and experiences, but one thing that can remain constant is how we choose to react.

We can get to know ourselves better by observing our thinking patterns, which always lead to our feelings and then our actions. When we take time to identify patterns in our thinking, they are more easily changed and since our reality is co-created from our thoughts, we can change our realities. We can choose another way of being and have better relationships to our self and others.

We can begin to be freer and more alive and learn how show up for life in the present moment. Changing our thinking and our feelings about ourselves, others and our lives requires a lot of love and compassion.

Once we begin this practice for ourselves, we can then easily extend it t to others. We will begin to see changes just by starting the process of observing our thoughts and noticing where we are resistant to change. Over time, we can make new choices and take new actions, which leads to big results.