About Darel

Darel Rutherfordself-made millionaire, public speakerBEING coach, and BEING Workshop facilitator, is the author of ten books; the most famous of which are “BEING THE SOLUTION”, “TO GOD OR AS GOD” and “SO, WHY AREN’T YOU RICH?”.

Darel Rutherford-4Darel’s books and the 16 Week Personal Development Course inspire and help others transform themselves so that they can realize their dreams.

The core belief for everything Darel teaches or writes about is “The Being Principle” or Being Power.

Darel makes transformation easier because of the tools he has developed to help overcome our ego’s fear when we decide to change who we are Being. Some of these tools are:  how to deal with the ego, if you need it – you can’t have it, how to make the fear go away, what we resist persists, BE DO HAVE, The Winner’s Attitude. This is just to name a few of the tools he teaches in the 16 Week Personal Development Course. Over the years, he learned that support, support, support is the key to participants transforming themselves. Each course participant is assigned a BEING Coach and they meet once a week during the course. Darel also created Power Pacts. Power Pacts consist of 3 participants who meet once a week and support each other in being and becoming the person who reaches their course goals.

Also, there is no down time between courses. When one ends, the next one begins the following week. Why? Because Darel has learned that transformation is an ongoing process and the ego will take you out of the game if you sit on the sidelines for too long. As a testament to how well the course works, there are participants and coaches that are now participating for the 20th time. Why do they keep returning? Because Darel has mastered the formula for transformation.

Darel is not shy about his mission to transform the world by teaching and inspiring others to become powerful, productive transformers of those wanting a better life. With his books, coaching program and 16 week course he shows them the easy way to manifest prosperity for themselves and others.