How To Make More Good Stuff Happen Book Description


the Play-Work-Book for KIDS (and Their Adults)

By Deborah Ivanoff and Abigail Ivanoff-Achenbach


Unleash the magic and power within you, no matter your age or ability. Let Deborah and Abigail show you how you can play your way to the fulfillment of your desires, growing yourself in the most wonderful of ways along the journey.


Not just theory, this book invites you to pick a goal or dream and use the book to step you through the actual process of manifesting that dream in your present reality. Bring a well-meaning adult or friend along with you for an extra fun and rewarding journey.


Every child and adult can benefit from using these tools as each of us travels our paths of growth, empowerment and BECOMING our most glorious selves.


May this PLAYbook serve you and your family, friends and associates well. In Joy!

— Deborah Ivanoff — (June 2005)

When my mom first told me about the idea of the book I thought it might be a little odd that I, as an eleven-year-old could be writing a book.


I thought that it was cool that I was able to write this book with my Mom. She does such great work with other people that I wanted to do something great with her.

— Abigail Ivanoff-Achenbach — (June 2005)