Nine Ways To Be Richer Book Description

2659868978_rich_poor_rect_460x307_xlargeNine Ways To Be Richer, Healthier and Happier


Life is so simple

But we humans tend to complicate it



From a limited-supply point of view, the things we want most from life will seem hard to come by when in truth, supply from the source is unlimited. It’s only our self-limiting reality concept that blocks our living the life we really want.


As spiritual beings we choose who we will be and the Universe automatically, through the Law of Attraction, brings into our lives who and whatever belongs in the reality of that way of being. Our chosen point of view decides who we will BE and that BEING choice makes us a magnet for attracting the people and circumstances appropriate to that reality concept.


Life really is that simple! The Universe is tuned into who you are BEING and how you feel about life. If you’re not pleased with what you’re attracting, perhaps it’s time you attracted healthier, happier, richer results by changing your attitude and/or your point of view.


Like a tomato seed draws from the earth whatever it needs to become a healthy tomato plant, we humans (our BEING choices) attract from the Source a reality experience that must be a perfect match for our way of BEING. BEING power (the power to choose who you will be) is an awesome authority most humans have only just begun to understand or appreciate.


Until you’ve woken up to your awesome BEING power, your ability to receive resources from the Universe will be limited by your lack of consciousness. The size of the opening at the small end of your resources funnel is determined by your self-concept, your self-worth and most of all, your self-confidence.


This book intends to help you expand the opening at the small end of your resources funnel.


Using BEING power, you could, easily, become healthier, happier and richer just by changing your mind about who you will BE. Your new BEING commitment decides who you will BE, what you will believe and how you choose to feel about life. The Universe, then, delivers appropriate content. If life really is that simple, how and why do we humans complicate it?


God gave us each an ego as the means by which we would experience life in the reality of our chosen way of BEING. Your ego’s job is to maintain your chosen reality concept by excluding all others. So, once you’ve settled into a point of view about life, your ego makes sure you are not open to hearing anything different.


What most of us haven’t realized is that our chosen reality is nothing more solid than a point of view and an attitude that can be easily changed.


BEING power is the spirit of God individuated in you, and now, that spirit is experiencing life in and through you as you. God, as spirit, put Himself into each of us and then set us each free to use our God power to individuate ourselves by deciding what we would think, what we chose to believe and how we would feel about life.



As an individualization of God I individuate myself by choosing what belongs in my life and what doesn’t.


In essence, by choosing what to think, we’ve chosen who we will BE, and by choosing who we will BE we’ve created our own individuated reality. Then we experience life at the subjective level of our being – as our change-resistant egos.


All our lives, we’ve made BEING commitments (chosen a point of view) without a clue that the creative power of God was in our choosing. God gave us the power of choice and left us clueless about the awesome nature of that power. We’re all like Harry Potters, living with the problems we created, using powers we’ve never realized we had.


We become aware of our BEING power, gradually, as we find the courage, step by step, to make new BEING choices – choices that will improve the quality of our lives. Any attempt to make your life better will be a journey of self discovery, and realize it or not, self-discovery is your true mission in life.


Self-discovery is simply the process for deciding what belongs in your life and what doesn’t. Your true purpose, day by day, is to become more consciously aware of your God power through making new BEING choices, that improve the quality of your life and also grow your consciousness.


That is how simple your life could be. God gave us free will, but He also gave us an ego that fears change like you might fear death. So, we humans take charge of our lives as our egos and screw it up by resisting change. So now, you’ve chosen, and your change resistant ego is in charge of maintaining that reality.


You need to know that your ego doesn’t want you out of your box, making new BEING choices, growing your consciousness.


So, you’re stuck …until you find your courage, rebel against the status quo and make a new BEING commitment!


Your problem is simple: to have the quality of your life get better, you must grow your consciousness (become more aware of your BEING power). If the change you want is not happening it’s because your ego has a hidden agenda and is resisting the change.


Your ego resists change because it fears the unknown outside your current reality concept bubble. It blocks change by screening out new ideas and by making you believe there is no option other than your current reality concept trap.


Your ego gave you amnesia because it doesn’t want you to know that you have the power of God behind your BEING choices. You have the power, right now, to become healthier, happier and richer with a new BEING commitment.


If you are not as healthy, happy or rich as you want to be, your current reality concept is a barrier to the flow of good at your end of the resources funnel. The real problem is: you’ve temporarily forgotten that you are an individualization of God who (in you, as you) has the power to create any new reality you can dream up.


That’s right! Anything you want from life is yours, if you can find the courage to come out of your current reality concept bubble and choose it!


No matter how much your consciousness has already grown, or how big your current problem seems to be, you have the God power (BEING power), right now, to commit to a new way of BEING YOU that would grow your consciousness and easily solve your worst problem.


The purpose of this book will be to help you improve the quality of your life by showing you nine ways to grow your consciousness and expand the opening at the small end of your resources funnel.