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What You Want And Why You Want It

Do you know, that knowing what you want out of life is one of the most important things you need to know before you go and create it? The universe is perfectly poised to deliver you what you want, once you decide. You also need to know WHY you want what you want....

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The Spender’s Law Of Money

You who have this problem, when you live your life under the 'Spenders Law of Money' , which says that no matter how much you make, your expenses will always rise to meet the level of your income. Have you ever wondered why that is? This type of person thinks being...

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Prosperity Consciousness

Here's a little excerpt from my book, "To God or As God", that offers you a glimpse of the nature of prosperity consciousness. "Of course, there is nothing wrong with spending money (that's what is is for). But if you ever want to BE rich, you must first acquire a...

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The Power Of Letting Go

There is an irony to life that says the more you obsess about something, the more you absolutely NEED to have it, the least likely you are to get it. Why is that? Well one of the "Laws of Nature" happens to be, “If you need it, you can’t have it but when you no longer...

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How Do We Become Rich?

Money is such a touchy subject, but you know what? It doesn't have to be. There is a fundamental spiritual law of nature that works so easily, many people overlook it. It works like this: When you are feeling rich, it supplies you with even more riches, but when you...

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Are You Attached To The Outcome?

As an individualization of God, you already have the power within you to manifest anything you want in your life. What happens for most people is that they forget this fact and they begin to sink into fear about not having what they want in their life. It is easy to...

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