The BEING Principle Explained

For some reason, many people seem to have a problem with the concept of the BEING Principle, and I think I know why. I say their claim not to understand comes out of their ego’s not wanting them to discover their awesome BEING power.

Your ego’s greatest fear in life is that you will, one day, discover how powerful you really are! It knows that once you’re out of that box, it will no longer be running your life. Maybe now is the time and today is the day you’ll you discover BEING power.

Your ego is quite aware that a new BEING commitment will take you outside your box, outside your comfort zone and it doesn’t want you out of that box. Your ego’s job is to keep you in that box.

But BEING power is not complicated nor even difficult to understand. Making a new BEING commitment is as simple as, one day, rejecting unhappiness and choosing to BE happy. Choosing a new way of BEING is as simple as that, and you can do that anytime you’re ready.

The process would be the same if you were rejecting poor health, choosing to be healthy. Or you could reject NOT Rich and choose to BE rich or wealthy.

I was in the process of writing an article about how a new agreement could solve most relationship problems when it suddenly occurred to me that a BEING commitment is simply an agreement with yourself about who you will be.

And even more important to realize is that the Source is tuned into who you are BEING. So, your new BEING commitment is also an agreement with the Universe about who you will be. The Source is bound by law to deliver appropriate content for your new way of BEING.

Try that perspective on for size and you’ll find the BEING Principle easier to understand and explain. Think about it this way. Each time you make a new BEING commitment you’ve come to a new agreement with yourself about who you will be. And that’s how the BEING Principle works.



The Universe, knows who you are BEING at all times. So, as soon as you’ve changed your mind about who you will be, it automatically delivers content that would be appropriate for that way of BEING. Your new BEING commitment is like planting a tomato seed in your garden.

That seed automatically draws everything it needs from the soil to become a healthy fruit bearing tomato plant. Your BEING commitment, likewise, draws everything it needs from the Source.

Let that idea sink in and you’ll begin to realize that there could be several benefits gained by your accepting the BEING Principle as the solution for your health, wealth and relationship problems. For instance, once you’ve accepted the agreement idea:

  • You’d find it easier to think about solving problems by making a new agreement with yourself about who you will be
  • You’d realize that you could solve almost any problem by simply making a new agreement with yourself about who you will be relative to that situation.
  • You’ll know that your health, wealth, and relationship problems are simply BEING choices manifesting and all complications solvable with a new agreement.
  • Relationships fizzle out and die when issues go unresolved. The solution for your relationship problem is to simply make a new agreement with your relationship partner relative to the unresolved issue
  • Money is attracted to you or repelled from you as a result of who you’ve committed yourself to be relative to money. The obvious solution for your money problems would be to create a new agreement with yourself about who you will be in that relationship
  • If you are overweight, it is because you have an agreement with your body that you will be that heavy. A diet would violate that agreement. But knowing that, you can easily solve your overweight problem by making a new agreement with your body about your new weight standard.

Think about your whole life, your physical health, your financial wellbeing and all your relationships as the natural outcome of agreements you’ve made with yourself.

Then allow yourself to see that those agreements are subject to change whenever you decide it’s time to reject your undesirable circumstances and choose again.