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Becoming Wealthy

Reading Part IV could change your relationship to money and alter your mindset about how wealth is accumulated; these modifications to your money reality concepts could make you wealthy.


The purpose of this Part of the BEING Study Guide will be to expand your awareness about how wealth is acquired and accumulated, and to show you how the abundant life could easily be yours.


If you haven’t, until now, allowed yourself to imagine being wealthy, it is because your reality concept relative to how money is earned would have made your becoming wealthy seen out of the question. But having once experienced residual income in the form of a network marketer’s regular monthly commission check, the light will dawn on you and being wealthy will, perhaps, then seem feasible.


This would be especially true if your residual income commission checks each month have allowed you to think about all the ways, other than trading hours for dollars, money can be earned. In fact, it may very well be that your success as a network marketer will have opened your eyes to the possibility of your becoming outrageously wealthy.


Three basic principles are considered necessary to the process of wealth accumulation:


That most investment Income be residual.


That the Power of Leverage be applied when investing either time or money.


That most investments be long-term, taking full advantage of The Miracle of Compounding.


You’ll learn how to apply the three principles of wealth accumulation from Part IV of The BEING Study Guide.


Wealthy people have an entirely different mind set when thinking about how money is earned. For example, the multi-millionaire J. Paul Getty said “I’d rather have 1% of the efforts of 100 people than 100% of my own labors.” And this is the way you might want to be thinking when you’re training your down-line.


From this E-book, you’ll be learning some of the many ways wealth can be acquired and perhaps be choosing your own path to wealth. And, of course, which path to wealth you take becomes important only after you’ve chosen to BE WEALTHY.


For now, the “how to” is not important. What we want, first, is for you to begin to see that your being wealthy is not just a pipe dream. It’s a very real option for you. Once you accept that becoming wealthy is not only possible, but within your reach, you’ll begin to imagine what your life would be like having more money than you knew how to spend.


And that vision is where it all begins. Keep the importance of the vision in mind – nothing really happens until you actually choose to BE WEALTHY, and it’s the vision that moves you to choice. The vision of seeing yourself enjoying the wealthy life will have you breaking out of the box, choosing to be wealthy.


That’s what this study guide is about, Changing Your Reality Concept.


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