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TheWinnersSecret_smTHE WINNER’S SECRET

How to be a Winner in all situations.

It’s just a game

To acquire a winner’s attitude, you must first accept that life is just a game. And to win consistently, you’ll want to learn what makes it a game, the game’s real purpose, and its rules. You will answer those three questions for yourself while reading this book.

In the meantime here’s a clue: The game’s real purpose is Real-self discovery and the simple, easy to learn rules are called principles:

1. Rule one for the game is The BEING Principle: We become what we thing about.

2. Rule two is The Attraction Principle: We automatically attract who and what belongs in the reality of that way of thinking — that’s our BE attitude.

The secret behind “The Secret” is to play at The Game of Life by those two rules, and with a winner’s attitude in every situation. Winning at The Game of Life really is that simple!

Once you’ve realized that winning at “The Game of Life” requires a simple change of attitude, you will just naturally choose the winner’s attitude and win, easily and effortlessly.

Then once you’ve mastered the art of applying those life-governing principles to manifest the results you want, you will just naturally win, no matter what game you’ve chosen to play.

In fact, once you’ve learned how to acquire and maintain a winner’s attitude, you really can’t lose unless you are attempting to impose your will on others.


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