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to_god_paddedTO GOD OR AS GOD

The hidden power to manifest

whatever you want from life.

Have you ever read a book so good you couldn’t wait to tell your

friends about it? This is truly that kind of book.

What makes “TO GOD or AS GOD” so special?

The material in this book was created while coaching 30 millionaires through the process of using a power they already had, to double their incomes with only half the effort. In that BEING Workshop, these already successful people easily and effortlessly manifested far greater abundance in half the usual time.

Now, these once too busy men and women had time to spend with their families. They now had time enjoy their lives, their families and their money.

I had the pleasure of meeting three of the wives of those transformed men. They couldn’t thank me enough for the change in the quality of their relationship with their husbands after their participation in that workshop.

To God or As God is a compilation of that workshop material. Below you’ll find the short version of some of their  testimony.

If you would like to double your income with ½ the effort and practically no stress, read the following testimony for the life changing ideas you’ll find in this book. You may know some of these successful workshop participants.


I was able to manifest any end result I wanted. I went from earning $750,000 per year to over $1,000,000 per month. Thanks, Darel.–Thach Nguyen

I am DOING less work and making more money than ever before. — Chris Larmer


Thank you so much for all that you have done for me and my ego. The BEING CHOICE!!!!

 Eric Elegado

I never imagined that I could ‘Advance to Go’ and collect my $200 so easy. I can’t wait for Darel’s next lesson. — Greg Harrelson

… my net income has tripled, and my net worth has more than doubled. All of this has happened with far less stress  in my life. — Jackie Pasciak

…we have earned more in 45 days then we did all of last year.  What’s truly great is that the income we earned last year is in the top 1% nationally.

— Joe DiRaffaele

— Shannan Fogle

I have acquired a new sense of myself, embraced abundance consciousness, and feel in tune with life.  Judy Banfield

A newer relationship evolved into a wonderful, loving, committed marriage because of the growth I experience while in the BEING WORKSHOP.  Scott Friedman

I am now experiencing true fulfillment in every phase of my life and magnetically attracting things I thought mostly belonged to others. — Scott B. Umstead

Worry used to consume me. Not anymore. I live my life in a free mode. I know I can do what I want to.  Tamara Dean

I am forever grateful to you for showing me all the joy and light that was within me all along!!

— Tammie Johnson

You truly made a difference in my life.  I thank GOD daily for putting you into my life.  I wish everyone could learn these life changing principles.  — Venny Saucedo


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