Removing Success Barriers Study Guide Description




Removing Success Barriers

Part II of The BEING Study Guide is the process for removing the barriers that would stand between you and having the success you want for your business.


If you’ve read Part I of The BEING Study Guide you will have acquired, a new reality concept and would, therefore, be inspired with enthusiastic anticipation for applying this new found power to your personal growth and your business success. You would have a new lease on life!


This new reality concept sets you free in ways you had never even dreamed possible before now. Exciting isn’t it, to know that you are an individualization of God with the power to create any reality you can imagine by simply choosing a new way of BEING? The power to BE is an awesome power!


Well, before you get too enthused, let me introduce you to the reason you could easily fail in your mission of doubling or tripling your income. The success you want will require a shift in consciousness, but there’s a part of you seriously determined to prevent any consciousness change. You may be surprised to learn just how attached you are to keeping your problem.


Your greatest barriers to having life get better, will be your previous BEING choices. Your fear of both success and failure stand between you and the growth you want for your business. To be more successful, you must find your way past those fears. Where did those fears come from and why would you be afraid?


You see, not only did God put a part of Himself in each of us; He gave us the means by which we would experience life in the context of the reality created by our BEING choices. Along with the ability to make BEING choices, God gave us a powerful way to experience life from our chosen point of view. God gave you and I an ego.


When you make a being choice, your ego takes on that role in life, molding your experience of life to be a perfect fit for your self-concept and your reality concept. Your ego is an idea come to life, manifesting a reality that fits your point of view. Any ideas contrary to that point of view are seen by your ego as a threat to its survival. For that reason, you are equally afraid of both success and failure.


You’ve just recently awakened to a brand new reality concept, but that change alone, does not guarantee the necessary changes in your habitual way of thing. Over the years you’ve accumulated thinking habits and ways of feeling that are your automatic responses to any sort of challenge to your way of BEING. Consider your ego as a survival mechanism.


Your ego sees the desired change in your prosperity consciousness as the need for it to die in order that it be reborn to that new way of BEING. It fears change as you might fear death. So, don’t be surprised at your ego’s attempt to sabotage the BEING change necessary to doubling your income.


Part II of The BEING Study Guide is your way past those ego fears and hidden success barriers. You’ll need to deal with those fears before moving on to the growing of your consciousness and your business.