The Next – 16 Weeks

Personal Development Course
BEING Power Evolving

Wednesday, May 8th, 2024

9am PT / 12 Noon ET / 8pm Turkey Time.


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Personal Development Course Weekly Lesson Schedule

A never ending process
Not a project
What do you want from life, really?

Stop and think for a moment and ask yourself that question. “What DO I want most from life?” I think most of you will find that the answer to your question is: “More self-confidence”. If you had the self-confidence to know what you wanted and the courage to choose it, you’d have the world by the tail, and you wouldn’t need anything else.

Well, in this Weekly Personal Development Course, you’ll prove to yourself with manifested results that you do have the world by the tail!

God individuated Himself in each of us the day we were born and from that day until now we’ve been searching for personal power. And that’s God’s cosmic joke on us! What we were searching for, we were searching with. It’s like looking for your glasses when you’ve have them on. You don’t have to find your power, you’ve already got it.

The power you’re searching for is BEING Power and you were born with it. What you need is not to find that power, but to learn how to use it to transform yourself and the quality of your living. You’ll find your personal power in this Weekly Personal Development Course and it’s called, BEING Power.

The power of God in you is BEING Power. That’s the power you and I have to create our own unique individuated reality just by deciding what to believe. We use this awesome power each time we decide what to think, what to believe and how to feel about it. Creating our own individuated reality is that simple.

Once we’ve committed ourselves to a way of BEING, the Universe responds, automatically, by delivering into our lives who and whatever belongs in the reality of that new commitment.

Imagine that! You can have whatever you want from life just by changing your mind about who you will be and we accomplish that transition just by changing the pattern of our thinking. It really is that simple, but if it were also that easy, you would not need to enroll yourself in this weekly course.

That’s what we are offering you in this course, to transform yourself and to improve your circumstances.


Every week:

  • Wednesdays, a one hour group conference call.
  • Each week you will meet at a mutually agreed time for your one hour Powerpact support call, which will be yourself and two other course participants
  • Once a week, you will meet with your BEING coach for a half hour coaching call
  • Weekly lessons / reading assignments
  • A recording of the weekly group call
  • A Reminder of the next call

We choose who we will be and the Universe automatically delivers appropriate content. Life is that simple! But we’ve forgotten that we have that power and we’ve gone off and left our egos in charge of running our lives. In this course, you’ll learn how to deal with ego resistance and put the Spirit of God in charge of running your life.

In this 16 Week Personal Development Course you’ll be using BEING Power to improve the quality of your life, and each time you use that power to choose out of your box, you will be growing your confidence and your consciousness. So, stop for a minute and think about how many ways you could improve the quality of your life!

This course is like no other Why? Because it takes the concept of BEING God, individualized in you, out of theory and into practice. Your belief in an indwelling God will do nothing to change the quality of your life until you use that power to make a new BEING commitment. But once you’ve proven that awesome power to yourself with manifested results, you’ll go beyond believing to knowing.

You’ll realize that when you begin praying AS GOD, instead of to God, and when you speak your word with certainty, as an individuation of God, the Source has no choice except to deliver into your life the desired result.

In this Personal Development Course, you’ll manifest your intention and experience just how powerful a manifestor you really are. Praying AS GOD instead of to God, your prayers will be answered.

Picture everything you want from life coming through a giant resource funnel, with God or the Universe (the Source) at the large end of that funnel and your self-image as the small receiving end of the funnel. See the illustration below.

The supply at the large end of the funnel is limitless and everything you want from life is there just waiting for you to claim it, but what you may receive from the source will be limited by the size of the opening at the small end of the funnel. Your self-concept and your reality concept combined form the smaller receiving end of the funnel.

Allow yourself to see that it is your self-limiting self-image that limits your flow of good from the Source.

Each time we step out of our box to improve the quality of our lives with a new BEING commitment, we grow in consciousness, which just naturally, expands the opening at the small end of our resource funnel.

Each time we say “I am” and complete the statement with a new BEING commitment, we become more consciously aware of our God Power by using it.

It will be our purpose in this Weekly Personal Growth Course to help you expand the size of the opening at the end of your resource funnel. In fact, we’ll be teaching you many ways you can say “I am” and grow your consciousness.

Your participation is how you’ll get real value out of the calls.

  • What’s happening in your life?
  • What did you get out of the reading assignment?
  • Or a question. We welcome all questions on the group call. Your questions always help someone else as well.

Your cost for the 16 week course is determined by how many times you have previously participated in a BEING Workshop. There are 3 payment tiers: Tier 1 – Beginner, Tier 2 – Intermediate and Tier 3 – Advanced. There is a price discount each time a participant moves to the next tier. Each tier offers payment options of weekly, monthly or full payment.

The date for the next
16 Week Personal Development Course
BEING Power Evolving

Wednesday, May 8th, 2024
9am PT / 12 Noon ET / 8pm Turkey Time


  • Tier 1 – Beginnersomeone who has never taken the workshop before
      • Full Price – $1100
      • 4 Monthly payment – $275
    • Tier 2Intermediatesomeone who is taking the workshop for the 2nd or 3rd time.
        • Full Price – $800
        • 4 Monthly payments – $200
  • Tier 3 –  Advanced – someone who is taking the workshop for the 4th time or more
      • Full Price – $600
      • 4 Monthly payments – $150