Taking It To The Next Level Study Guide Description





Taking It To The Next Level

If you’ve read Part I and Part II of The BEING Study Guides, I will presume you now have a new reality concept and a new lease on life after having removed your success barriers. So, now you may want to ask yourself if you’re ready to make the BEING commitment that will grow both your consciousness and your business?


I hope so, because, if you’re not ready for a big change in your life, you might want to stop reading and go back to Part I to be re-inspired. This study guide was written with the intention of transforming your life and your business, in that order. If you’re not ready for that, you’ve missed something important in Parts I and II.


What you’ve learned, so far, has only just prepared you for Part III, where you’ll take your new awareness and put it to work in the doubling or tripling your income. To make that happen, will require a serious BEING commitment — a transformation in consciousness. Part III of The BEING Study Guide will lead you step by step through the transformation process.


To start the ball rolling in the direction of the new you, I want you to imagine having at least two leaders in each leg of your down-line. You are now a diamond distributor or whatever they call the top earners in your company and you could retire if you wanted to and coast for the rest of your life. You could maintain your current wealthy life style and never having to work again, because your down-line is self-sufficient.


That’s what the successful network marketer’s life is like when he or she has powerful leaders in his or her down-line. But you won’t quit. You can’t. You’re having too much fun. And besides, you’re doing what you’ve always dreamed of doing. You’re making a big difference in the lives of too many people to stop now.


You’ve finally come to realize that it “isn’t about the money”; it never was, actually. It’s about growing your consciousness — it’s about zeroing in on the true purpose of life, that of self-discovery. The real win in the Game of Life is not in the HAVING, but in the BEING and BECOMING. Who you will become as a result of growing your consciousness and your business will be the real prize in all of this.


You’ll be truly amazed at how much you can win when you are finally able to play the Game of Life as though you had nothing to lose. So, set your goals knowing that the the goal setting is just the bait that takes you through to the greater benefit. When you awaken that sleeping giant within, try to capture and remember that feeling of power with the intention of recalling it at will.


The Game of Life is set up so that we choose out of one box and into a new reality. But that’s just a bigger, better box, still just another trap if we forget who we are. We must remind ourselves often that we are not trapped in the box; we are the creator of the reality that makes up that box and have the power to choose a new reality whenever the new box gets uncomfortable.