Thank you Darel, for teaching me and showing me some better ways of thinking about my life and existence. Your Personal Development Course, including your writings and integrated support systems all enable the concepts to be reasonably understood, tested and implemented. The teachings of your course and the insight gathered from my 2 Powerpacts and Being coach have provided me with the assets to make some wonderful changes that make my life better, richer and honest. Here are a few of the changes that I have made and that are due in some significant way to you and your teachings:

  1. I am relying on other people to guide me and teach me, taught through my relationships in the course. I am more trusting and loving.
  2. I now know that what I have is due to choices I have made for myself. I am grounded with the understanding that I can choose something different if I want something else.
  3. I love myself more; I am more present and aware; I am more clear on what I want; all of this due to my greater conscious and awareness of making a choice to be.
  4. I now am understanding more about Little Mike (my ego) and being gentle with him and coaxing him along as I live my adventurous life…not a prisoner, but free.

I am grateful to you, your team and members of the course. Thank you. —M.W.

This Personal Development Course has been so transformational for me; I cannot thank Darel enough. Before this course, I suffered a lot with anxiety in social situations and was becoming very pessimistic because of it. Learning the principles that Darel teaches has greatly improved my life. I have participated in 4 consecutive PD Course. During that time, I traveled to Thailand and I have even given a presentation in one of school courses. These are things I feel I might never have done without being a part of this transformation course. I will always be grateful to Darel, his Being coaches and the participants. I highly recommend this Personal Development Course to anyone who wants to create a better life for themselves.  —  Eamonn – Ireland


Just wanted to THANK Darel for today’s call and the new course format. It was hugely transformational and such a gift to get to hear his insights and have the opportunity to ask questions and listen to him explain things to different people. What a blessing. It shifted me from being the person who is struggling with depression and unemployment and unable to figure out how to bring my business to fruition and into revenue, believing I didn’t have any ideas or a unique perspective to bring, to realizing that those were choices I had made at some point and I have been choosing to live life as my dysfunctional ego, full of fear and doubt and confusion. How freeing to have the mesmerism broken, to realize I have the freedom, power and right to make a new choice today and live as my God power and NOT my ego. I have clear proof of just how powerful my ego has been and am grateful for the incoming blessings I know my God power is manifesting and the re-cognition that I always have the freedom to choose and choose better.

Thank you for helping me realize I must take the road map and navigating role away from Ego – I will let it help drive but it is no longer choosing the destinations!  — Gail K.

I LOVE this new course format. I really enjoy the lessons and read them often. Each time I get something better and better from the message. I am so very grateful for Darel in my life.  — Polly Bauer

I’ve been working on my own personal growth and development for YEARS!!  I’m still not done!  🙂 I met Darel about 17 years ago and had the pleasure of meeting him again in the last couple years.  I’ve been participating in his Being Workshops over the last 2 years and I’m so glad I have. 

As a result of my participation in these workshops, I show up with a great deal more confidence in my business meetings. I am now aware of the stories that run my life and because of what I’ve learned am, now, changing those stories so that they no longer control my life. I have found the power to control my own destiny.

I’m, now, living my life as a daring adventure … I realized just recently through this workshop that that has been the desire of my life since I was a little girl. I love this work and the clear and gentle way Darel helps me stay on track to fulfilling my dreams and goals through my Being choices. Thank you, Darel for your contribution to my personal growth and development.  — Barbara Dawson

I am writing you to express my sincere gratitude for helping me accomplish my goals in your Being the Solution Workshop. The easy to understand principles you teach in that workshop have allowed me to double my income, increase my self-confidence and have the courage to pursue my dreams. My relationships, finances, and self-worth have all improved dramatically.  I’m looking forward to the next workshop.  — Clint Francis

Through the BEING Solution Workshop I have seriously increased my self-confidence and self-worth, and this is evidenced by the fact that I have:

  • Increased my hourly massage practice fee 20%
  • Redefined what is acceptable communication and behavior with my ex-husband: cutting off any attempts at abusive communication.
  • Manifested new office space and working conditions where I am able to maximize my income without sacrificing my personal health.
  • Increased my income by 50% since beginning the workshop by increasing the number of clients, increasing the frequency of clients, and raising my rates for new clients.
  • Greatly improved relationships with my husband and children by being real, and practicing unconditional love.

 Thank you, Darel for creating the workshop material, the coaching staff and the support group that led me to make the BEING commitments that manifested these wonderful improvements in the quality of my life.  — Mona Langlois

Choosing to participate in the BEING The Solution Workshop was most definitely the best decision I could have made. My manifesting goal was 5 new clients in the eight weeks; I achieved the first four in just over three weeks and the 5th, 6th & 7th rolled in the last day of the workshop. 

Another goal was to be completely confident for the monthly session I teach at a community college. I always arrive prepared, but it’s usually a battle that keeps me up the night before and nervous the day of the class. I made my BEING commitment to be the speaker I wanted to be and to let my ego sleep in while I did the class. My decision was to ignore the podium and completely engage my audience for the entire class. And I did! I will continue with the next workshop so that I completely resonate with the idea of BEING choices. — Jane Maulucci

After attending Darel’s “Being The Solution” Workshop,  I found myself interacting with people differently – with more honesty, energy, clarity than ever before.  I feel more powerful and fully alive than I’ve been for many years, making choices about who I truly want to be, and how I want to live my life. I feel free to move on from things that have become stagnant and stale for me, and am more in touch with how best I can use my creativity, talents and gifts. Over the years I have attended many workshops, but Darel’s no-nonsense approach is unlike any other out there in the marketplace
— Susan Friedmann

When I first signed on to do the BEING the Solution Workshop, my son, Cameron, was probably my biggest problem. On a weekly basis, I received calls from his school’s principle asking me to come pick him up. He was being expelled again for some form of misbehavior.

At that time in my life, everyone who knew my son, his teachers, his uncles, aunts and even I. his mother, considered him to be a problem child. They offered special schools and drugs as possible solutions. Darel didn’t agree. He suggested the possibility that Cameron’s real problem was that everyone in his life wanted to fix him and change him. He said, “Why don’t you try unconditional love as a solution for your son’s problem. Just let him know that he is loved just the way he is and that you have no intention of trying to fix or change him.” Well, I did that, and it worked. Unconditional love was the answer. And now, a year later, his teachers, his aunts and uncles and everyone who knows Cameron sees him as the shining example, the exceptional child. Thank you so much for your coaching, Darel.

In my first workshop I was a struggling massage therapist with the goal of attracting three new clients. Well, I manifested my goal in that workshop, easily and effortlessly. And in the next two workshops I doubled my client base. Now, my very successful massage business has it’s sign on the building, just below that of the most successful Chiropractor in Albuquerque. And after manifesting a few more workshop goals, my massage work schedule is booked solid for the next four months.

When I first asked for relationship coaching I was having frequent right/wrong battles with my ex-husband and from each encounter with him, came away hurt, upset and very angry. Darel suggested that I was giving my ex the power to upset me and that I should take back my power. Well I did take away his power to upset me and the anger went away. Later, in my dealings with my ex I applied unconditional love to that relationship and the net result, two years later is that we’re getting back together.

When I first met you, Darel, my life was just one big pity party. I had a victim story to tell about almost every relationship in my life. My ex, my parents, my sister-in-law and my son’s teachers were all doing or saying something that made me their victim, or so it seemed to me. And every time I told you one of my “have pity on me” victim stories, you made fun of it by playing your imaginary violin. Before long, you had me laughing at my own tales of woe. I finally came to see that I had been a sufferer in those situations only because I had chosen to BE the victim. Well, giving up my victim’s role may have been the greatest benefit I gained from participation in your workshop. My self-confidence has grown by leaps and bounds, and I now know that I can solve almost any problem with a new BEING choice. Thank you, Darel, for putting together the workshop that led me to find BEING solutions for all my problems.— Heather Simons


8-day Mini Being Workshop  –  I came to see myself and my life in a new light, and actually changed during the simple 8-day period. I feel I have already permanently altered my self-image for the better and feel greatly increased confidence and peace in my life, and the people close to me have noticed and commented on it as well. I look forward with great anticipation at the changes I will be making in my life. — Gary

“Being The Solution” First of all, I would like to compliment you on writing a wonderful book, “Being The Solution”. I’ve read several books on changing your life or the Law of Attraction. Each author gives a different spin on it. I always learn something new or get a new perspective when I read a different author’s book. What I like about your book was that it made it simple. Be, Do Have. — Thank you – George

I can honestly say that I can throw all my other self help material away. None can touch your books, knowledge and way of communicating, hands down. I have only had “Being The Solution” for 3 days and just applied a tiny bit of knowledge out there and the results are amazing. — Felix

“To God Or AS God” My key that had been alluding me – was that “I already have this in me” – that there is nothing mysterious or special about this Power and the people who use it. I have often looked over there and “wondered” what was so special about them; it seemed sometimes that there was this specialness or mystery that shrouded me being and knowing the same things that others did. In the book “To God Or AS God”, I reclaimed this; I reclaimed my birthright. I let go of the “fixing”. and, what was interesting to me, is that this reclaiming was not done with a lot of “fan-fare”. No sonic boom, no high one minute and then low the next. Just a gentle realization and being choice to reclaim. — Many thanks and Abundance Blessings, Shauna


Thank you for the first four chapters of your book, “To God Or AS God”, the information I have gleaned is overwhelming and I’m still trying to take it all in. I wholeheartedly agree with your way of thinking and it’s opened by eyes to a new way of living my life for the better. I have read a lot of related books on the subject but the way you explain things has really hit home and I’m very grateful that I managed to find you at this point in my life. I’m still fighting with my ego and it’s a constant battle but I’m beginning to feel I deserve more out of life and only I can make this change, thanks to you Darel. God bless you and I look forward to reading the rest of your book. — Clare

Your challenges and explanations are simple and yet whole, you just write in a fashion that creates understanding. I have told all my dearest friends about this. You should have been included in the group of people who were involved in the secret, as good as it is an introduction it left me wanting to know more. After searching over and over and over again on the internet you came into my life and have changed it for ever. — Thanks – Kathy

Thank you! I’m seeing things in a different light. I went to bed last night, feeling somewhat overwhelmed. I woke up this morning feeling enlightened. Bottom line is, I’m not the same ‘being’ I was before I read your material. A lot of what you’d brought up made a lot of sense, in how we think, react, and feel. I never realized that how I thought and prayed manifested my current situation. Seems so true with the negativeness in my life, since it’s what occupied my mind. Well, things are going to change now! — Thanks Again — Glori

“So, Why Aren’t You Rich?” Thank you so much for writing “So, Why Aren’t You Rich?”. I’ve been struggling financially all of my life. Your book helped me understand that my problem is a state of consciousness. The way you worded the book gave me more insight into how life works. Thanks — Clint Francis

“Why Aren’t You Rich Workbook” I was fortunate enough to have been handed a copy of the “Why Aren’t You Rich Workbook” and I must say, it was one of the best things anyone could have done for me. I’ve read many, many books (or tried to) by the most mentioned authors, but came away with little more than a lot of, perhaps, well intentioned information that took more energy to get through, than I got out of it. But your work is unquestionably the most effective, concise, down-to-earth writing that has ever been produced in this area. — Thanks Leo S.