The Success Blockers


Why we don’t keep New Year’s Resolutions


5 Steps Guaranteed to manifest results

The 5 reasons most people fail and…

…how to get past them every single time.


What you will learn from reading this little pocket e-book will prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that you DO have the power to bring about the life-style change you want.


You will also learn how and why, up until now, you’ve sabotaged your own good intentions. You’ll learn why you and most others don’t keep New Year’s resolutions. You’ve always had the power to solve your own problems, but you’ve hidden your manifesting powers behind a victim story (your story about why it hasn’t happened). Instead of creating what you’ve wanted, you’ve used your power to manifest the experience of being powerless. By manifesting powerlessness, your power has worked by seeming not to work. Your powerlessness has now become a barrier to your further success. If you seem to be hopelessly trapped in a situation, job or relationship that no longer serves or nurtures you, you will just naturally have serious doubts about your being able to manifest a change in those circumstances. But believe me, your powerlessness is nothing more than an illusion created with the power you’ve always had to create your own reality. What? You hadn’t realized you have the power to create your own reality? Well, you are that powerful, and if you are truly ready for a change of circumstances, what you’ll read here will convince you that you DO have the power to create the reality in which that change must manifest.