The Why Aren’t You Rich Workbook Description

Why_workbook_4THE Why Aren’t You Rich


How to win The Game of Life


by Darel Rutherford

The companion Workbook for

So, Why Aren’t You Rich?


I used “So, Why Aren’t You Rich?”, as the textbook for my prosperity workshops for quite some time before I realized that I needed a workbook to replace the numerous printed hand outs I passed out in each of my workshops.


THE Why Aren’t You Rich WORKBOOK is now the companion text to be used in tandem with the “So, Why Aren’t You Rich?” textbook, which provides the explanations and the workbook provides the exercises. But every page explains itself, so it also works well as a stand alone workbook. Used in tandem the two become the perfect teaching tools for anyone inclined to change the consciousness of their workshop participants.Almost anyone can teach a successful prosperity workshop using this workbook because the participants heal themselves while doing the exercises.Dr. David Sobers, Dr. of Philosophy, says, Darel’s book is the greatest I’ve read on the subject Rev. Anna Green says, Darel opens doors concerning prosperity and choices that may have been closed in the past. His lessons are easily understood, but more than that, easily embodied and put into practice. Enjoy! Rev. Sandra Marshman wrote: Were using So, Why Aren’t You Rich? and the workbook in our classes. The student are not willing to miss even one week. I also am now even more open to accept greater riches in all areas of my life.Rev. Michael M. Gerdes says, Darel’s So, Why Aren’t You Rich? and the workbook are books you will WANT to read! And that’s exactly why I recommend them if you are sincere in your desire to be rich. Darel Rutherford has written a 2×4 between the book covers. It gets your attention, revealing the limiting patterns of thought under which you have been operating. Then it provides you with the plan and the building materials for making a real and effective change in your life. Bob Williamson, management consultant, says, If there’s a difference between what you want in life and what you have, Darel Rutherford has written a book that will show you how to bridge the gap between the two. This book can change your life.