2659868978_rich_poor_rect_460x307_xlargeOne of the hardest things for people to realize, is that people who are rich have CHOSEN to be rich and people who are poor, have chosen to be poor.

At first, this sounds like an unfair statement, but if you examine the WHY behind it, you will discover it is true. Let me explain some more.

Early on in life, you decided who you would be by choosing what to think, believe and how you would feel about money and those who have it in abundance. You then chose who you would be relative to money. Now you are reaping the fruits that just naturally belong with that way of BEING you in that relationship.

If prosperity and wealth elude you, you may want to see this old choice as the reason. You already understand how making a BEING choice impacts your reality, so if you want to BE richer than you are now in some way, maybe healthier, wealthier or happier in your relationships, the results you want will manifest for you if you can step out of your old box and choose it. The Universe will deliver if you can find your way out of your current reality concept and choose to BE richer, healthier and happier, or whatever your goal may be.

But choosing to be richer may be more difficult than you’d expect, because your ego doesn’t want you changing who you’re BEING. In fact, when you try to make your life better, you’ll find some hidden agenda blocking any attempt to change your reality concept. You will want to find out your ego’s hidden agenda and look more closely at those childhood beliefs you are hanging onto in order to free yourself up to be the new YOU.