God individuated Himself in you,giving you two awesome God-like powers:

  1. BEING Power
    1. The power to create your own reality by choosing who you will BE
  2. And the power to ATTRACT
    1. The ability to attract who and what belongs with that way of BEING.

But being an individualization of God is only half the equation. God also gave you an ego as the means by which you would experience life in the reality of your BEING choices, and your ego doesn’t like reality concept changes. So when you make a new BEING commitment, your ego will resist that change with all its considerable might.

To summarize what you’ve just read: You have the power, right now, to solve any health, wealth and relationship problem you may have by simply committing to a new way of BEING you.

But your change resistant ego will sabotage the attempt, and ego resistance is the reason most people fail when they try, on their own, to improve the quality of their life.