image-explosion-colors-background-beautiful-263613We talk a lot about choosing who you want to “BE”, but what does this mean, exactly?

The BEING choice is the first principle in manifesting whatever you desire. Many people are trapped in the “doing” aspect of the “BE, DO, HAVE” creative cycle, and they are wondering why they do not get results. When you are busy “doing” to “have” the results you want without the “being”, it is sort of like aiming an arrow and not choosing a direction.

Who we choose to be has its roots in our values and our goals, but that is just the beginning. When we make a BEING commitment about who we are going to BE, we set our minds and our hearts on thinking thoughts and viscerally feeling the way we are choosing. We make a decision to already be(come) that person who is happy, loved, full of abundance in their life, etc.

Whatever your new way of BEING is, that is what you focus on feeling and thinking about. You are going to have other feelings and emotions come up, and you get to acknowledge and accept them, but then you can keep reminding yourself who you are choosing to BE.

It is a simple concept that yields big results and sets you up to intuitively know what you need to be “doing” to “have” what you want in your life.