“So, Why Aren’t You Rich” by Darel Rutherford
Our subconscious mind, acting as our ego, serves us by allowing us to experience our chosen reality. It maintains that reality by screening out everything that doesn’t fit what we currently believe. To prevent our hearing anything that would upset our belief system, our ego, always vigilant, stands ready with blinders to prevent our seeing the truth and ear plugs to block our hearing it.

The lesson here is that the ego’s screening process is standard operating procedure in each of us. Once we arrive at an outlook about anything, our defensive friend, our own personal devil, rejects automatically, anything which does not support that point of view. Then we become not only deaf, but blind as well.

We all have an attitude, a point of view about life that has become our reality. Our ego allows us to experience life in a way that corresponds exactly to our chosen point of view.
We therefore see and hear only that which complements that viewpoint.

After our ego screens out everything that doesn’t fit our chosen reality, what’s left is what belongs with us by right of consciousness (our level of awareness).

So, don’t fault your ego for rearranging the facts. It is only doing its job. To change your circumstances, you will need to change your outlook to correspond to the new and better circumstances you want. You can expect the ego to resist this change by defending your current outlook.

Breaking Down the Resistance
Those who were transformed while taking my workshops came desperately seeking a change in their lives. They had gone beyond simply wanting change to being determined to have that change. Their resistance had already been broken down by their discontent with
intolerable circumstances. In other words, they had already partially destroyed their attachment to their old reality. All they needed was a way out.

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So, Why Aren’t You Rich by Darel Rutherford

Revelation: The Definition
A revelation, according to Webster, is:
1. An act of revealing a divine truth.
2. Something that is revealed by God to man.
3. An enlightening or astonishing disclosure.

A revelation enlightens us by shedding light on a part of ourselves that we have kept in the dark until now. This new dimension of our own being, once revealed, gives us the power to solve the problem we’ve been facing. Our astonishment at this discovery, comes from realizing that this truth has been there waiting for us to find it all the time we were struggling with our problem
Our wonderment might be likened to the way a butterfly might feel, having been a caterpillar all its life, when, in a moment of revelation, it suddenly discovers it has wings and can fly.
A revelation for man, is the revealing of a divine truth, a message from God, intended to show us our wings.

Your Hidden Power
On the screen that portrays your life, you project a powerless image. I predict that you will maintain that false image of yourself until you no longer need to pretend powerlessness. You will find the hidden power behind this false image as soon as you realize that
you are not the image on the screen; you are the projector of that image. Your power, like a Genie in a bottle, waits for you to find it.

Here’s a clue to find it:  those who found it were desperately seeking it. You’ll find it only if you are determined to find it.
© Copyright 1998 Darel Rutherford All Rights Reserved
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So, Why Aren’t You Rich by Darel Rutherford

You Choose Who to Be
When you choose an attitude, opinion, or a point of view about anything or anybody, choosing to like, dislike, hate or love her, him, or it, you are choosing who you will be in that relationship. By having an opinion about someone or something, you make it significant.
You now say, He, she, or it turns me on, turns me off, makes me mad, sad or glad. You say, that person does this to me.

With this type of statement, you assume the role of victim, giving away your power, losing that power for yourself. Whoever you gave your power to seems to control your attitude. It only seems that way.

You Wrote the Script
That person will have power over you until you realize that he/she has only the power that you gave to him/her. By choosing to hate someone, you build a fire in your heart
for them. But they didn’t build the fire, you did. And guess who gets burned?

You can put out that fire by choosing a new you in that relationship. You wrote the script for that relationship, and you are the main player. To make the relationship work for you, just rewrite the script.