Your Reality Concept Study Guide Description





Your Reality Concept

Part I of the BEING Study Guide is about how changing your reality concept transforms your consciousness and has you growing your business.


Although the creation of outrageous residual income would be a grand prize to win, you’ll find your greatest benefit from becoming more successful as a network marketer will be your out-of-the-box growth in consciousness.


Believe me, the benefit of finding and turning on your personal power–the value in being more self-aware, more self-confident, will far outweigh the worth of your increased income.


Within each of us dwells a sleeping giant, an undiscovered “power to BE”, that once turned loose, puts us back in charge of our lives. You may think you’re in charge now, but wait until you’ve learned the real truth relative to your spiritual inner being. Wait until you’ve unleashed that awesome power in the growing of your business.


Believe me! The secret ingredient to your having outrageous income is in the power to choose to BE the millionaire network marketer. Once you’ve made the new BEING commitment, you’ll be unstoppable. What would being unstoppable be worth to you?


Yes, I’m talking about you being unstoppable. Can you even imagine what that would be like? I’m about to give you the seldom-talked-about, hidden secret to being truly successful as a network marketer.


The real key to success in this business will not be found in the how-to-books, because real success begins, not in the doing, but in the being, as in BE DO HAVE.


I know, on a first name basis, eight network marketers who make somewhere in the neighborhood of a million dollars a year from this business. I’ve heard several of them speak at conventions. They’ll each tell you their closure rate for prospects is around 75%.


The successful ones are always happy to tell you what they did that made them that successful, but they’ve missed the point entirely, leaving out the most important element of their success, their enthusiastic, winning personality.


The truth is, their success came as a direct result of who they were being. The doing part of their being successful was totally necessary, but that came later, as a result of having made an empowered commitment to BEING that successful.